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Sara's Story

Afflicted with a serious degenerative disease, Sara required intensive care that her impoverished, struggling parents did not feel able to handle. They had a hard enough time as it was, living in a local motel, her mother battling a substance abuse problem, and her father a recovering alcoholic. After spending nine months at a shelter, Sara’s caregivers couldn’t find another group home that would take her – until they contacted South Coast. Now, Sara is in a loving, caring environment, and there's hope of her even being able to develop strong bonds with her relieved family members.

Garrett's Story

When Garrett came to South Coast, he was just eight. His father had physically abused him and he bears a scar across his forehead from a time when his dad tossed him through a glass window.


Along with his traumatic childhood, Garrett had been diagnosed with autism. He spent several years in an SCCS group home.


Today, he’s living on his own and leading a productive life. While he has no contact with any of his family, he never fails to telephone South Coast every year on his birthday to bring them up to date, and also because he knows it’s a tradition for an SCCS staff member to take him out to dinner. Garrett puts on his best clothes, always shows up early, and makes a point of saying that he’s doing well now, not to worry.

Collette's Story

Before Collette came to South Coast Children’s Society, she had been in a psychiatric hospital for nine months. She’d lost contact with her parents, who were living in Las Vegas, and, at age14, she was beginning to come to grips with the impact of a life-time of sexual abuse. She had been deemed a danger to herself and possibly others.


Wait--we have great news.  After a year of intensive counseling and living in a loving group home, she was able to work through her intense anger.  Collette is well and truly on the path toward healing and recovery.

When Emma arrived at South Coast Children’s Society, she was displaying anger outbursts daily and sometimes even several in a day.  She would oftentimes become harmful toward herself and those around her.  She was only 11, and she’d been living with a single grandmother who was overwhelmed by the situation. 


Emma received intensive treatment over the next four years as SCCS staff joined together with Emma's grandmother to provide a Team Approach.  Over time, Emma made tremendous progress and she was able to reunite her grandmother.

Emma's Story

Susan was a mother of five when her husband was sentenced to a lengthy prison term, essentially making her a single parent. Then, she lost her job, she became distraught, and the family began showing signs of severe distress.


After a year in the wraparound program, in which Susan and her family were connected with community resources for counseling, academic tutoring, and transportation, they are intact, working hard, and taking small but definitive steps of progress – and, Susan recently expressed to her wraparound team how thankful she was because she could finally “see a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Susan's Story

When Samantha came to South Coast, she was an 11-year-old girl who seemed in danger of trying to violently harm herself on a daily basis. Her behaviors ended up being the result of several un-diagnosed disorders, but they had gone on so long, her case posed one of the most difficult SCCS has had in recent memory.


Recently, after four years of constant care, treatment and nurturing, the best possible thing that could have happened in Samantha’s life happened: She’s back living with a member of her family.


Before she left, a huge celebration took place. There was ample pizza and cake, of course. But in greater abundance yet were tears and a deep gladness.

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