Have questions for us?

How can anyone possibly understand

what you or your loved one

are going through?

Your experience is unique, of course.

Our clinicians are trained

for exactly the kinds of things you encounter,

and they have years of experience.

We know that it is not easy to make the call.  We will honor your courage and take your call live.


That's right, a live person will answer the phone and do everything they can to get you or your loved one the help that is needed. 

Here is our number: 877-527-7227

Suicide Prevention Programs by SCCS
Suicide Prevention Programs at SCCS

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After you complete the short survey and agree to the terms of service, we will connect you with our Care Team.  They will answer your questions and talk to you about meeting a therapist or doctor.

There may be a wait time to connect. 

ⓘ Please note if you are using an iPhone browser to chat with us you must remain on the browser chat screen to stay connected. If you navigate away from the chat or access a different iPhone application your connection may be lost. Thank you.

We are open to take your calls Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm.    (877) 527-7227

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