Our Team

Executive Management Team

R. Scott McGuirk, Chief Executive Officer
Gil Garcia, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Kathleen Darling, Chief Operations Officer

Ellen McGuirk, Chief Performance Officer


 San Bernardino Program Directors

Program Director:  Julianne Guinasso, LMFT

Success First (Early Wrap), Family Wrap, and TBS


Program Manager:  Poonam Natha, LMFT

- Success First


Program Director:  Dr. Jennifer Luu, PsyD

Asst. Program Director: Jennifer Walters, LMFT

Wraparound Services

Program Director:  Jennifer Yang, LMFT

Clinic-based, School-based, Community-based Mental Health Services

Program Manager: Amy Graves, LMFT

- Clinic Services

Program Manager: Stephanie Pinder, LMFT

- School-based Services

Interim Program Director:  Jennifer Di Donato, LMFT

- PEI Services

Orange County Program Directors

Program Director:  Kim Preston, LMFT

Outpatient Mental Health Services

Program Director:  Melissa Wright, LMFT

Crisis Residential Services

Program Director:  Danielle Entin, LMFT

Wraparound Services


Program Director:  Richard Boyer

Residential Services

Director of Compliance & Quality Assurance

Kathryn Miller, LMFT

Compliance Hotline