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Our Team

Executive Management Team

R. Scott McGuirk, Chief Executive Officer/Chief Information Officer
Gil Garcia, CPA, Chief Financial Officer

Kathleen Darling, Chief Operations Officer

Ellen McGuirk, Chief Performance Officer


 San Bernardino Program Directors

Program Director:  Julianne Guinasso, LMFT

Success First (Early Wrap), Family Wrap, and TBS

Program Manager:  Poonam Natha, LMFT - Success First


Program Director:  Dr. Jennifer Luu, PsyD

Asst. Program Director: Jennifer Walters, LMFT

Wraparound Services

Program Director:  Jennifer Yang, LMFT
Clinic-based, School-based, Community-based Mental Health Services

Program Manager: Amy Graves, LMFT - Clinic Services

Program Manager: Stephanie Pinder, LMFT - School-based Services

Interim Program Director:  Jennifer Di Donato, LMFT - PEI Services

Orange County Program Directors

Program Director:  Kim Preston, LMFT
Outpatient Mental Health Services

Program Director:  Melissa Wright, LMFT
Crisis Residential Services

Program Director:  Danielle Entin, LMFT
Wraparound Services


Program Director:  Richard Boyer
Residential Services

Director of Compliance & Quality Assurance

Kathryn Miller, LMFT