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COVID-19 Update - Yes, We Are Still Hiring

Our agency is very fortunate in that we were able to pivot quickly, and in a matter of days we had most of our 475 employees working from home.  Some employees still come into the offices because they prefer it, which we can do because we are classified as essential healthcare workers. 

We were already mobile-enabled, with smartphones and laptops for most people, and we added a video platform for Teletherapy (Zoom).  For the moment, all client contact is by phone and Zoom, and we are finding that most people prefer it.  Ironically, we are now poised to help more people than ever before.

It's a Tough Job

Our clinician, para-professional, and support personnel positions are not easy jobs.  These jobs cry out for people with a special calling, a love for others.  We are tasked with meeting the urgent needs of some of the most vulnerable people in our community.  The work can be heart-wrenching, and then there's the government-required, laborious paperwork.  It's a tough job, but it's  rewarding, too.  Really rewarding.  We call our staff Super Heroes.  We challenge you to come find out why.  If you believe you have that special calling, we would like to meet you. 

Supervisors and Management are highly supportive.  They won't coddle you.  They will challenge you to be better at your craft and they will help you get there.  Don't expect a "participation trophy"--this is serious work and our Super Heroes literally save lives.  The biggest part of Management's job is to support and empower you to help others in need.  We strive to give you a work environment that is comfortable and efficient so you can focus on why we all entered this field--for the care of others

We offer competitive compensation and benefits. Full-time employee benefits include paid time off (PTO), paid holidays, and medical & dental insurance. Opportunity for advancement is substantial--most of our directors and managers have been promoted from within.

​​SCCS is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  For general information or questions on how to apply, please call us at 877-527-7227.