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Welcome to the South Coast Community! We are privileged to bring you a wealth of knowledge and expertise from many areas of behavioral health, including psychiatry, psychology, family therapy and and various other areas. Our Staff members pride themselves on being compassionate, empathetic individuals who care deeply about the work they do. Although each of us bring our own unique perspectives and experiences to our clients, we are all united by a mission to provide care and counsel.
It's a privilege to be the tam who helps you reclaim a sense of balance and well-being. Out staff is wholeheartedly committed to the individuals who choose South Coast for their care, and we continue to be inspired by the dedication our clients show in working towards their goals each day.
At South Coast, our high-quality behavioral health services would be impossible to deliver were it not for the skill of our behavioral health professionals and support staff. With decades of collective experience to our name, we are confident in out abilities to provide exceptional behavioral healthcare personalized to the specific needs and goals of our clients. 
From our board-certified psychiatrists to our administration, we all that same mission in mind: to help the children, teens and adults we serve feel their best. Patient satisfaction is what drives us. 
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Meet the Team

Executive Management Team

R. Scott McGuirk, Chief Executive Officer/Chief Information Officer
Gil Garcia, CPA, Chief Financial Officer
Kathleen Darling, Chief Operations Officer

Ellen McGuirk, Chief Performance Officer


 San Bernardino Program Directors

Program Director:  Julianne Guinasso, LMFT

Success First (Early Wrap), Family Wrap, and TBS

Program Manager:  Poonam Natha, LMFT - Success First


Program Director:  Dr. Jennifer Luu, PsyD

Asst. Program Director: Jennifer Walters, LMFT

Wraparound Services

Program Director:  Jennifer Yang, LMFT
Clinic-based, School-based, Community-based Mental Health Services

Program Manager: Amy Graves, LMFT - Clinic Services

Program Manager: Stephanie Pinder, LMFT - School-based Services

Interim Program Director:  Jennifer Di Donato, LMFT - PEI Services

Orange County Program Directors

Program Director:  Kim Preston, LMFT
Outpatient Mental Health Services

Program Director:  Melissa Wright, LMFT
Crisis Residential Services

Program Director:  Danielle Entin, LMFT
Wraparound Services


Program Director:  Richard Boyer
Residential Services

Director of Compliance & Quality Assurance

Kathryn Miller, LMFT

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