We are happy to offer a Teletherapy Services as an alternative to our in-home services. We are conducting all virtual appointments through Zoom, and app that is completely free for clients to download on all devices, all you need is WIFI, a phone, tablet, or computer.  

Sometimes you need a little help.

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We offer various mental health services and the best specialist in the field to help our clients and their families
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Your mental health matters. You should entrust it only to the best professionals. 
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Welcome to South Coast Community Services
Sometimes you need a little help
Serving over 10,000 kids, teens, and adults each year, South Coast Community Services provides individual and family mental health services. Serving San Bernardino and Orange counties. 


At South Coast, we deliver high quality, comprehensive mental health care plus supportive programs and services that work together to help get clients healthy and stay that way.

Founded in 1984, South Coast Community Services (SCCS) set out to take a leadership role in filling a critical hole in the safety net of our communities.  SCCS saw a significant and under-met need to provide shelter, care, therapy and essential support services for those who are too often left behind: abused, neglected and underprivileged children and youth.  Over the intervening 30+ years, SCCS has grown and expanded to provide a wide variety of services in homes, in clinics, and in community settings to people in all walks of life who "sometimes need a little help".

Our psychiatrists, psychologist, and therapists have extensive training in the mental health field and can give you the caring and effective treatment you need. Our wide range of programs are created to meet the individual needs of out patients throughout Southern Caifornia. As a licensed, client-focused organization, our goal is to help you enjoy an improved, balanced quality of life.

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"This is a perfect place to go for help for your loved ones who need physical and emotional support" 

Everyone needs some help to cope with life’s problems. Mental Health concerns can become serious enough that routine counseling is not sufficient. To meet the needs of individuals in these situations, we at South Coast offer a wide variety of programs and services. Collectively, we have over two decades of experience in the field of behavioral and mental healthcare.

At South Coast, we can help bring your life into balance and regain control. Call us to set up an assessment today.

We are Here. We will Listen. We Can Help.

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